My Doll and Bear started a long time ago when I had my first doll, a cabbage patch doll – Sylvie. I didn’t get her till I was about 10 and she instantly became my best friend. She was the one I could turn to when I was confused and needed comfort. I was very lucky to survive a rather horrific car accident when I was 11 and after my mum got the call from the police, without even thinking, she grabbed Sylvie and sped to the hospital. They thought I had brain damage, but it was Sylvie who I spoke to first. She wasn’t and isn’t just a doll, she is my best friend.
I have worked with children and adults for many years, both as an educator and a mentor. My passion is building confidence in children and adults alike. I have spent many years researching what toys children actually play with, and what effect this has on the imagination, their self-esteem, their confidence and their general wellbeing.

My conclusions have led to the birth of My Doll and Bear. Why? Because everyone needs a friend! I believe and my research has shown me that these are toys that grow with a child; they help speech development at the early stages, right through to bringing out creativity in a teenager. I believe in this so much that I could burst.

My Doll and Bear is a place where you can make a friend, spend time with your friend and grow with your friend.
If you are getting told that you are too old for dolls and bears, nonsense – look at it another way – you can become a collector… It’s cool to collect! I am a collector and love every minute of it!

My Doll and Bear didn’t want to be just another internet shop, we wanted to create a destination, to be somewhere you can go and choose or even make your doll or bear and experience the joy of shopping for them too. So not only can you find a friend, we have outfits and accessories galore for them too. We will be continually sourcing new outfits and accessories so your friend can keep up to date! You will also be able to design t-shirts and accessories for you and your friend and have lots of creative fun… It truly is a fun day out.

Why not book a party with us! We cater for all sorts of parties

So the dream has come true, My Doll and Bear has opened its doors and is making it possible for you to choose or make that special friend who will be Always at Your Side.

Have fun in our store, Katie and Max look forward to meeting you soon.


43 St Mary's Road, Market Harborough, LE16 7DS

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